At 9 Bean Rows, we are dedicated to growing healthy and delicious food for our community in an environmentally and economically sustainable model. 9 Bean Rows cultivates food not commodities. With that in mind, the nutritional content and flavor of our vegetables is at the top of our priority list.

We have 1.5 acres in production in various locations throughout Leelanau County that provide produce for the Leelanau County School System, the 9 Bean Rows restaurant at the historic firehouse in Suttons Bay when available, our year-round CSA Share holders, and 6 weekly local farmers markets.

9 Bean Rows does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, we rely on the hands of our workers to keep our beds free of pests and weeds. We are a no-till farm, so the nutrients in the topsoil are left for our vegetables, instead of washed away to pollute our water system.

As food enthusiasts, we appreciate the delicacy of freshly harvested foods. In turn, we harvest at low temperatures with minimal handling to ensure the highest quality produce. These policies are not only important for the good of the world, but also to ensure that delectable, high-quality, nutritious vegetables make their way from our farm to your plate.

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