First Tomato Flower 2012

Tomatoes On Their Way

First tomato flower opened this morning. This is a sun gold tomato selection I have been breeding for the past 3 years, should be extra tasty.

First Tomato Flower 2012

Spring 2012 will be delicious with Sun Gold tomatoes starting to flower in February

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9 Bean Rows spinach!!

Spinach by Ken Scott

Attention CSAers: the spinach is soooo ridiculously good that I suggest eating it with nothing before you decide what, if anything, you’d like to add to it.

UNBELIEVABLE….best I’ve ever had.



An Idea…

Here’s an idea: go to the bakery grab a loaf of crusty bread then go home, make a soup, read a book, listen to some tunes, take a nap, eat some soup, have some wine.